English | 2010

Every Moment is my Teacher

Por: Arnold Mindell

[Interview with Tomasz Stawiszynski, translated from Polish]. Newsweek (Polish ed.)

Mindell, A. (2010) Every moment is my teacher. [Interview with Tomasz Stawiszynski, translated from Polish]. Newsweek (Polish ed.)




TOMASZ: I would like to interview you and mainly concentrated on you.


ARNY: That will be fun because I am an unknown, like everything else, so that can only be fun!


TOMASZ: When I am reading your books—for example, your last books like Dreaming While Awake, The Shaman’s Body, Earth Based Psychology, and also when I read your books after the Dreambody—I always think, “Is the author of the books, the author of these methods, a person who can consider himself a happy man, unified with the universe, unified with everything that is happening?” That is how I understand process work, in some ways, to feel unified with everything that happens. Do you feel yourself unified with everything in your life?


ARNY: Yes, no, and yes! What I mean by that is that in the moment I am in touch and unified with what is happening with me. I see you there on the video screen, I see the wood there behind your head, and you can see something of my office here, and that is some of me. And I am going to turn the video—I am not sure if you will be able to see the sea? Can you see it a little bit? These big windows look at the Oregon coast and the sea, and through those windows we see whales, and what have you. And to be unified with the universe for me means to be in touch with what I experience in my body and what I see outside.

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